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Lactation Courses:

Community Breastfeeding Educator

This foundation course for community workers in maternal child health focuses on providing services to pregnant women to encourage the initiation and continuation of breastfeeding. Strategies for providing anticipatory guidance and support in order to prevent breastfeeding problems and to address barriers to breastfeeding, and to enable women to overcome any perceived or actual breastfeeding problems. Click to download registration form.

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Contact Hours: RNs: 20; CLCs: 20; RDs: 20; IBCLCs: 20L CERPs

Maternal and Infant Assessment for the Breastfeeding and Human Lactation

This course examines assessment parameters and skills within the role of case finding, reporting, noting change and documenting the assessment. Major topics covered in the course are normal and gross anatomy of mother and infant, normal and abnormal development of the anatomy and physiology of the breastfeeding mother and baby, infant assessment scales, breast and maternal assessment, lexicon of assessment and documentation. Click to download  registration form.

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  September 24 - 26 Sacramento, CA  
  December 3 - 5 Cincinnati, OH  
  March 25 - 27 Landstuhl, Germany

Contact Hours: RNs: 20; CLCs: 20; RDs: 14; IBCLCs: 20L CERPs; College Credits: 2, MCH 331

Take the 20 Hour Course

Take the 20 Hour Course over 3 days. This course fulfills the UNICEF recommendations for those who work with mothers and babies, and the training requirement for the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative. Based on the new 20 hour curriculum in support of the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding, this course was developed with support from the US Department of Health and Human Services for the US Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative. Click to download  registration form.

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Contact Hours: RNs: 20; CLCs: 20; RDs: 20; IBCLCs: 20L CERPs

Learn to Teach the 20 Hour Course

(Applied Teaching Methods in Lactation Education for Health Professionals, Educators and Staff who Support the WHO/UNICEF Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative)

This course is designed to train those who will teach the 20 hour course required by the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative for training health professionals, educators and staff. This offering provides a week long learning laboratory to assist participants in mastering the materials, methods and scientific evidence that form the basis of the 20 Hour Course (as developed by UNICEF and the World Health Organization, and adapted for the US by Healthy Children Project). This course is organized around the concepts, strategies and applications involved in adult learning, Utilizing these concepts, participants will present sections of the 20 hour course to other participants (topics and materials will be assigned on-site). In addition, barriers and strategies to implementing the Ten Steps will be addressed. It is recommended that learners have a firm understanding of the basic concepts of lactation before taking this course. Click to download the  registration form.

Upcoming Dates

  September 22 -26 Albany, NY  
  December 8 - 12 Cincinnati, OH  
  March 23 - 27 Miami, FL  

Contact Hours:RNs: 45; RDs: 34; CLCs: 45; IBCLCs: 45.0L CERPs; College Credits: 2, MCH 332

Case Studies in Lactation Practice: Skills and Strategies

This course provides a new framework for evaluating and solving breastfeeding problems. Case studies will be examined through an 8 level process. Working in large and small groups, participants will gain insight and direction for solving lactation problems. Learn from the authors who wrote the book on Case Studies in Breastfeeding! Download a flyer.

Upcoming Dates

  December 16 - 17 Honolulu, HI  


Contact Hours: RNs: 13 , CLCs: 13; IBCLCs: 7 L CERPs & 6 E Cerps

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Working Together: Communication and Teamwork Strategies for Reclaiming Breastfeeding

This course explores the theories of team and group processes including the use of teamwork tools, participatory action research, data driven planning, quality improvement processes and evidence-based practice using a framework of breastfeeding promotion, protection and support. Breastfeeding coalitions, WIC programs, hospital staff and others can benefit from this training.
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Contact Hours: RNs: 13; RDs: 12; IBCLCs: 13L CERPs, CLCs: 13

Developing and Implementing Evidence Based Clinical Practices

Distance Learning Course. Call for more information.

Evidence based practice is an emerging model for objectively examining the validity of common health practices. Its practice entails careful formulation of the presenting problem, evaluation of existing knowledge and research regarding treatment options and integration of new information into practice. This course explores evidence based clinical practices and provides a framework for integrating this new paradigm into existing hospital policies and procedures. Breastfeeding practices and the UNICEF Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative are used as the exemplar for the course. Click to download the registration form.

Upcoming Dates

  September 12 - November 14  


College Credits: 2, MCH 430